The Brick, Jacksonville FL

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do." 

We use this as a golden rule as we eat during our travels, sure to try the local and regional specialties that make each place we visit unique.  In Jacksonville, Florida this means the incredible Key Lime pie at the Brick [...]

Korea Garden

Who would have thought that there would be great Korean food in Alaska? [...]

Rae's Coastal Cafe, Augusta GA

If you don't know what to look for it is easy to miss Rae's Coastal Cafe, tucked within a sleepy Augusta suburb community[...]

Alon's Bakery, Atlanta

I sometimes imagine how many pounds of butter Alon's Bakery must go through every day, but quickly force myself to abandon the thought [...]

Hotpot Party

We host an annual Hotpot party around the holidays to celebrate with our friends as we know best - with an abundance of food! [...]

Sushi Avenue, Atlanta

Every Vega member is a serious sushi lover, and most of the Japanese restaurants in Atlanta have been tested to our rigorous standards. One of our favorites and a habitual lunch spot is Sushi Avenue[...]

Taqueria del Sol, Atlanta

Taqueria del Sol, a staple of the Vega "fast food" canon, is simple, affordable, fresh and absolutely delicious [...]

Welcome to Vega Bites

Welcome to Vega Bites

The old adage is "write what you know" - and what we know is great music and great food. We started this blog because we wanted to share our travels and experiences. However, we quickly realized that every post inevitably became a description of our favorite meals. The result is Bites, a  collection of our favorite meals and restaurants both here in Atlanta and afar [...]