The Vega Quartet almost always makes a yearly visit to Spartanburg, North Carolina to perform at Wofford College, and no visit would be complete without a meal at Gerhard's Cafe. The menu is centered around Austrian and German cuisine and the restaurant itself is like something from a different time, decorated with velvet chairs, cozy booths, and an old-fashioned wood bar.

One of the difficulties is figuring out what to order - from exhaustive research we can confidently recommend the hearty goulash, traditional herring salad and fresh trout. However, the clear Vega winner is the Wiener Schnitzel. It is light, lemony, almost bigger than one's face, and served with traditional accompaniments of potatoes and lingonberry preserves.  The menu is also complimented with an excellent beer and wine list, but even aside from that fact we have always loved our meals here!