We host an annual Hotpot party around the holidays to celebrate with our friends as we know best - with an abundance of food!  Different broths, with various flavors and levels of spiciness, are brought bubbling to the table,  where they are place on portable burners to keep the liquid boiling. Once everyone is ready to eat, chopsticks or small metal nets are used to place bite-size pieces of raw food in the broth to both cook and absorb flavor. Almost anything can be dunked, including vegetables, seafood, meat and tofu of every shape and texture.  Once everyone is finished, the remaining broth is eaten as soup.

This is always a fun event, even if clean-up can be messy - before eating, the dining area must draped in newspaper against spills and drips. But as long as the furniture is protected, the messiness is part of the fun, as everyone reaches across the table to try different flavors and share in a fantastic meal.