There is a reason that every conversation with a Juneau native will include the question "Have you been to Jerry's yet?" This tiny shop is a must-stop destination for any food lover, packed with all sorts of Alaskan specialties.  We visited the shop twice - once to scope out the territory and once as our last stop before our evening flight out of Alaska.

Jerry's carries elk and reindeer in every form, famous house-made smoked salmon dip (free samples provided and taken advantage of) and fresh or smoked fish of every variety.  But we visited with a mission - the object of our desire was black cod. A fish native to the North Atlantic, black cod is delicate, flaky, packed with Omega-3 oils, and unbelievably delicious. We fell in love while performing in the small town of Tenakee Springs, where we ate it freshly caught and simply grilled, and were determined to take some home for ourselves.

Much Vega brainpower was spent trying to figure out how to pack our favorites for travel - how does one transport fish fillets via airplane? Jessica and Guang ended up packing several smoked fillets (no refrigeration needed) in their suitcases, and Yinzi had a whopping 10 pounds shipped via Jerry's guaranteed overnight delivery.

If you haven't tried black cod, we highly recommend ordering for yourself at