Every Vega member is a serious sushi lover, and most of the Japanese restaurants in Atlanta have been tested to our rigorous standards. One of our favorites and a habitual lunch spot is Sushi Avenue.

This restaurant has two locations close to each other in the center of Decatur. The menus are the same at either location, offering Japanese comfort food such as soba, udon, rice bowls and tempura, as well as a variety of maki and sashimi. Everything is delicious and we all have our favorites, with Yinzi and Elizabeth often ordering the agedashi tofu and Guang returning to the scallop and asparagus appetizer. We all love the scallop special sashimi and it isn't unusual for a few more to be ordered mid-way through the meal.

We love this place - if you live in Atlanta and haven't tried it yet, we highly recommend it the next time a sushi craving hits!