We have experienced first-hand the profound effect that a committed performance can inspire through our participation in the Woodruff Arts Center’s Young Audience program, which brought us into contact with thousands of students spanning the greater Atlanta school system. We have also made community events a central aspect of our work in Atlanta as well as during residencies in Augusta, Jacksonville and Juneau. These residencies have combined formal concerts with educational outreach, performances in non-traditional venues and masterclasses for area students.

The below descriptions are examples; all presentations can be tailored to suit any age or venue.

We believe that live string quartet performance can connect with audiences in impactful and meaningful ways, and are always thrilled to take our playing to schools, hospitals, retirement homes and other community venues.

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Meet the Quartet

An introduction to the instruments and musicians of the Vega Quartet, with repertoire spanning the Classical, Romantic and Modern eras.

Pajama Program

This program invites kids of all ages to get ready for bed with music to inspire sweet dreams. The audience is encouraged to attend in their favorite pair of comfy pajamas.

Quartet as Conversation

Goethe called string quartet performance a "stimulating conversation between four rational people." This presentation examines the conversational characteristics of each quartet instrument, particularly in the Classical era, and how composers create these roles.

Suitable for more experienced audiences.

Music of Many Cultures

An exploration of music from around the world, spanning Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Quartet at Work

A "behind-the-scenes" look at a quartet's working process, including examples and discussion of rehearsal techniques, group communication and musical interpretation.