Thank you for your interest in the Emory Youth Chamber Program with the Vega Quartet! This page contains information on applications and auditions, tuition, scheduling and other aspects of the program.  If you still have questions after reading through, contact us at 

What is the Emory Youth Chamber Program?

The Emory Youth Chamber Program (EYCP) was founded by the Vega Quartet in 2006 to provide intensive small ensemble training to pre-college musicians in the Atlanta area.  Participants are placed into small groups of 2-6 to study a chamber music work, under the guidance of the Vega Quartet, over the course of a semester.

Who is the Vega Quartet?

The Vega Quartet is Emory University's Quartet-in-Residence, and the only professional string quartet in Atlanta.  The Quartet is an international award-winning ensemble with an active concertizing career and more than 15 years experience in teaching chamber music. 

Who can participate in EYCP?

EYCP participants range in age from 10-18.   Advanced students under the age of 10 who wish to apply are encouraged to write to, to be advised on a case-by-case basis  While participants tend to be string players or pianists, other instruments included in the standard chamber music repertoire are also welcome to apply.

How do I audition?

EYCP holds live auditions every August to determine participation for the upcoming academic year.  Every student must fill out an application form online, which will be posted in mid-June.  Once the application is submitted, a live audition is scheduled.

**If you have missed the application deadline for the Fall semester but still wish to be considered for the Spring, please contact us at

Audition Repertoire

1. Two 3-octave scales/arpeggios of your choice

2. Two contrasting works or movements representing your current playing level.  A larger work with contrasting sections may also be acceptable.

3. Some short sight-reading excerpts may be given at the audition.

How are groups determined?

After hearing auditions, the Vega Quartet groups students into small ensembles based on age and level of experience.

What is tuition?

Tuition is $450 per student, and is due in full at the first meeting of the semester, payable by check made out to "Vega Quartet."***  This fee includes eight 1.5 hour coachings, as well as eight 1.5 hour rehearsals in a provided space at Emory University, a masterclass and a public performance.  Coachings outside these parameters may be subject to additional fees, as agreed upon on a case-by-case basis between the Vega Quartet and participants.

***A limited amount of financial aid is available for qualified students, to be awarded at the discretion of the Vega Quartet upon request.

What is the schedule?

All EYCP activities generally take place on Sunday afternoons at Emory University, in a three hour span between 1-5:30pm. Groups receive a 1.5 hour coaching as well as space for a 1.5 hour rehearsal on their own. The specifics of the schedule is arranged between each group and their coach, and some flexibility may be possible on a case-by-case basis. The requirements of the program are eight coachings per semester plus a public masterclass and concert.  In order to preserve the experience for the entire group, the Vega Quartet reserves the right to replace any member of a group if more than two coachings are missed by an individual, or either the masterclass or concert.