Vega plays Garner

Vega plays Garner


David Kirkland Garner took inspiration for i ain't broke (but i'm badly bent) from the fiddle tunes of the American South, many of which have roots in the Celtic traditions of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. He then combined these traditional songs with modern compositional techniques, creating a series of thirteen connected but distinct vignettes.

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David Kirkland Garner
i ain’t broke (but i’m badly bent): thirteen fiddle tunes for string quartet (2009)

1. drowsy maggie

2.   georgianna moon

3.   red haired boy

4.   the day dawn

5.   red haired boy (reprise)

6. i ain’t broke (but i’m badly bent)

7. the kid on the mountain

8. shady grove

9. saratoga hornpipe

10. chinquapin hunting

11. isle of mull

12. the tenpenny bit

13. sweet ‘taters in sandy land

Copyright 2017

Producer: Fyodor Cherniavsky

Recording Engineer: Lou Simmons

Digital Editor: Fred Horton

Photo Credit: Nate Dorn

Recorded March 2017

Emerson Hall, Schwartz Center for Performing Arts

Emory University, Atlanta Georgia