EYCP Audition Information

Thank you for your application to the Emory Youth Chamber Program with the Vega Quartet.  This page contains all the information that you will need regarding the audition, including audition times, required repertoire, location, parking and other details.  Please read through everything carefully - if you still have questions or concerns, contact us via email at vega@vegaquartet.com.

Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your audition time to ensure adequate warm-up time! If you are delayed for any reason, let us know as soon as possible by emailing vega@vegaquartet.com.

Date and time:

Sunday, August 25th 2019

Building Location:
The Schwartz Center at Emory University
1700 North Decatur Road
Atlanta, GA 30322

Free parking is available in the Fishburne Parking Deck directly next to the Schwartz Center.   Entrances are located on North Decatur Road and Fishburne Drive.

1. 3-octave scales and arpeggios
2. Two contrasting works or movements representing your current playing level.  A larger work with contrasting sections may also be acceptable.
3. Some short sight-reading excerpts may be given at the audition.

Audition Location:
The audition room will be located on the 2nd floor of the Schwartz Center.  Signs with directions will be posted at all entrances as well as within the building, and there will be an audition proctor on the 2nd floor to direct you further.  Please use the entrance to the building that faces towards Emory's campus at the back of the building (there will be a small set of steps).  The entrance that overlooks North Decatur Road will likely be locked.

Tuition is $450 per student, and is due in full at the first meeting of the semester, payable by check made out to "Vega Quartet."***  This fee includes eight 1.5 hour coachings, as well as at least eight 1.5 hour rehearsals in a provided space at Emory University, a masterclass and a public performance.  Coachings outside these parameters may be subject to additional fees, as agreed upon on a case-by-case basis between the Vega Quartet and participants.

***A limited amount of financial aid is available for qualified students, to be awarded at the discretion of the Vega Quartet upon request.

Audition Schedule

We have made every effort to accommodate all audition time requests as described on submitted applications.  If you are not able to make the listed time below, please contact vega@vegaquartet.com with your name, current assigned time, and a time between 1-6pm that you would be able to audition.  Please note that it may not be possible to provide an alternative time if a conflict was not noted on your application. 

1:00 - Elizabeth Domashchenko
1:07 - Violet Lorish
1:14 - Rajath Prabhakar
1:21 - Diane Kwon
1:28 - Lynden Baek
1:35 - Alex Ko
1:42 - England Meadows
1:49 - Fiona McElroy
1:56 - Emma Xuan
2:10 - Ilana Hilley
2:17 - Melissa Rinzler
2:24 - Katherine Kim
2:31 - Kevin Cromer
2:38 - Jonathan Fuller
2:45 - Lindsey Yi
2:52 - Lina Lee
3:10 - Daniel Shen
3:17 - Benjamin Borthwick
3:24 - Claudia Dorian
3:31 - Sarah Park
3:38 - Sunny Kate Kim
3:45 - Emma Mason
3:52 - Matthew Seo
4:10 - Jayden Lee
4:17 - Talia Coopermsith
4:24 - Jinsol Shin
4:31 - Kathy Park
4:38 - Kristen Song